Applied Research of Australia Pty Ltd. (AROA) is a South Australian based company with exciting composite technology, providing a range of industry proven applications which promotes non-corrosive, lightweight, cuttable, fire resistant, and superior encapsulation results for strata reinforcements and structural supports.

AROA also exports ground support materials to the North American Region, India, and the South East Asian Region. Manufacturing its own self-researched products while promoting ongoing improvement and innovation, AROA continues to grow locally and internationally for its competitive range of products and the superior qualities that the products can offer to customers.


AROA mining products are cuttable and do not need to be removed. They will not harm mining equipment or conveyor belts.

Steel must be removed by humans before shearing or tunneling in order to prevent equipment damage.

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AROA will have a stand at the Asia-Pacific's International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX), from Tuesday 1st to Friday 4th September 2015Sydney Showground, Sydney, Australia. We shall be presenting our product range here. Come and have a look! 


• Eliminator Threaded Rock Bolt 
• Slimline Rockbolt & Thrust Dowel 
• Self-Aligning Washer Plate 
• Standard Washer Plate 
• Easy to Install Rib Mesh

Throughout the world coal mining companies use fiber reinforced polymer (AROA) products because they have a variety of advantages over steel ground support products. These advantages have led to applications that make coal mines safer, more effective and cost efficient. At AROA we have over 20 years of experience providing cutting-edge solutions to coal mines throughout the world. Our product line includes the Eliminator, the industry’s strongest fiber reinforced rock bolts and thrust dowels as well as self-aligning dome washer plate (SAW plate) and easy to install rib support mesh.

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